One misty moisty morning …

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

… when cloudy was the weather.
With the lyrics of this beautiful Steeleye Span song floating around in my head, I went for an early morning walk.
The weather was just right for what I had in mind. The mist stopped the scenic right where I wanted it to stop, less than 50 m away from where I was.

I haven’t met the withered old man clothed all in leather with a cap beneath his chin.
I haven’t met Dolly either.

I was all by myself, surrounded by nothing but my thoughts and a very intimate landscape.


11 thoughts on “One misty moisty morning …

  1. An atmospheric shot – all consumed in the misted haze, the world fading in the drink. I like the faint outline of the pole in the background – gives us concrete notions of just how bloody thick that fog was.

  2. I like the text,the feeling, but the composition of your photo makes, well I want more, the story is in the text and not the picture. I like your other posts, but I want more from the photos. The “ice cube” is really nice! Keep the good things coming!

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