Whisky, you’re the devil

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

I admit that every now and then, I can enjoy a good whisky …
as long as it is a malt whisky …
and as long as it is made in Scotland …

I could add some more characteristics to describe my perfect dram, but this is another story.

Always keen to discover something new, I visited the Glenmorangie distillery in the Scottish Highlands. No, not my perfect dram, but when one goes to Scotland, you have to visit al least a few distilleries anyway, So why not visit Glenmorangie.

I was about 15 minutes too late for the guided tour and had some time to kill, “preferably in the shop” I was told. But I decided to go for a walk around the distillery, in the “free access area” of course.
However, I soon found out that the warehouses, all presumably in the “restricted access area”, where of a certain photogenic interest to me. Soon I found myself if the middle of the historical part of a whisky distillery.
I walked by a building where two men were filling up barrels and wondered how they managed to stay sober. The smell of whisky was strong enough to make my head turn after only a few minutes.

I continued my journey and passed between old warehouses filled to the top with barrels and angel shares. Presumably they were all locked; I should have checked.

In between two buildings, my attention was caught by a series of old barrels. This was exactly what I was looking for. Barrels that had been used during I don’t know how many decades, trying to keep the whisky in and the angels out. And now, after years of faithful service, they were retired. After spending decades in a dark damp warehouse, they were finally allowed outside. They were allowed to enjoy the UV radiation of the sunlight. A slow decay after rendered service.

I left only after they granted me permission to make one group portrait.

And in case you should wonder, I was also too late for the last guided tour of the day. So I never visited the Glenmorangie distillery, but I am quite happy with the only souvenir I brought home with me.


25 thoughts on “Whisky, you’re the devil

  1. Hi Philip,
    This is a very nice image, I like the b&w tone, the lines and curves, and the lighting. Also, thank you for visiting and liking my post.

  2. Hello Phillip! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I just had to check yours out and this post made me laugh since, my husband began travelling to Scotland 3 years ago and has since become a whisky drinker! ONLY whisky from Scotland, mind you. You and he could have quite the conversation!

    Lovely shot with dramatic processing!

  3. I really like the texture of this shot. I’d like to visit Scotland myself, but being a fan of single malts, I’m not sure how many photos would be taken.

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