Shelter for the storm

Achentoul Estate, Sutherland, Scotland

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

The signpost read : “Red deer culling. It is not advisable to proceed beyond this point”.
I myself was not willing to be ‘culled’ and had no other choice but to follow this clear advise.

The Scottish Gaelic ‘Achadh an t-Sabhail’ translates as ‘field of the barn’ and is the name of this place. In English, it is called Achentoul.

Achentoul is a hamlet in the Kinbrace area of Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands. Consisting of a few farmhouses and barns, Achentoul lies north of Kinbrace along the A897 road and south of Loch An Ruathair. Although the Achentoul Forest is located in this area, the landscape is said to be dominated by moist Atlantic heather moor.

It is a great place to spot Red deer. In the evening, large herds of 25 or more stags come down from the hills. They can then be seen from the road crossing the area.


7 thoughts on “Shelter for the storm

  1. Hmmm…I can’t quite put into words what this photo makes me feel. It’s very nostalgic in the sense that if I didn’t know it was Scotland, I would have thought the Finisterre region of northwestern Spain. I spent some time there and walked along similarly desolate roads bordered by heather and crumbling stone buildings. The feeling of ancient habitation and present emptiness is overwhelming.

  2. With the light of the bricks from the house contrasted against those thundering black clouds make the photo look moody and romantically beautifully.
    Excellent memories
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  3. Beautiful. Such an evocative photo – I keep waiting for a red deer to appear somewhere in the picture.
    A whole world just waiting to be visited.

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