One flew over Jökulsárlón

Arctic tern, Jökulsárlón, Iceland

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

This little arctic tern is flying along one of the many icebergs that are floating in Jökulsárlón, in the south of Iceland.
The lagoon is filled with fishes that drift in from the sea along with the tides. Seals gather in large numbers at the mouth of the lagoon to catch fish during the winter, which is a sight to watch.
Large numbers of sea birds, particularly arctic terns, also gather to catch herring, trout, salmon and other fishes and krill.

At Jökulsárlón, Arctic terns can easily be photographed filing the frame, but I believe this photo puts the tern more in proportion to the iceberg.


16 thoughts on “One flew over Jökulsárlón

  1. Phillip: Thanks for “liking” the photo I posted recently. This prompted my visit to your blog and I was able to view , “One Flew over Jokulsarlon”. What freedom! I would like to post on my blog, with your permission.


    The Lioness

  2. Hi,
    This shot has a massive range of scale. The in-focus iceberg helps bring about the arctic feel. Bleak contrast couples with greys strengthens the cold. Bird captured with both wings down is part submission part acceptance to the elemental habitat apart from making it look attuned to the habitat.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Incredible picture! So different from the “ckassic” Jokulsarlon pictures.
    Where did you take the picture in your header (the hikers) ?
    You certainly caught the spirit of hiking

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