Cnoc Fhillibhir Bhig

Cnoc Fhillibhir Bhig - Isle of Lewis, Scotland

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

Cnoc Fhillibhir Bhig (or Cnoc Filibhir Bheag), better known as Callanish III, is one of many megalithic sites in the Isle of Lewis. Lewis is the northernmost island of the Scottish Outer Hebrides or Western Islands.

The stones are standing amidst peat cuttings, on a low ridge to the east-south-east of the main circle (Callanish I or Calanais). It consists of two concentric ellipses with eight stones remaining on the outer ring, four on the inner, and several more fallen and buried.

In the same area there are several other stone circles, like Cnoc Ceann a’Gharaidh (Callanish II) and Ceann Hulavig (Callanish IV).

When we left the Callanish site, people from all over the world were gathering to celebrate the summer solstice.


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