Mostaardfabriek Vve Tierenteyn-Verlent

Vve Tierenteyn-Verlent, Ghent, Belgium

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

When you come to visit Ghent, you should pay a visit to Ghent’s traditional mustard-maker, the 1790-established Vve Tierenteyn-Verlent. One can find him on the Groentenmarkt, in the heart of the city, a few passes from the Gravensteen castle.

The small heritage-listed shop retains its original interior from 1860, with tall glass cabinets of apothecary and spice jars behind varnished timber counters. Tierenteyn mustard is still made according to the original recipe, using original techniques and only natural ingredients. The mustard has got a moderate bite, and tastes exactly like mustard should taste like: powerful, tangy and sharp without burning.

The Tierenteyn mustard you can buy here is not to be confused with the industrial made mustard of another member of the family Tierenteyn, nowadays known as ‘Stropkes mosterd’. According to a family’s gentleman agreement, Stropkes mustard can be sold everywhere but in Ghent.

The Groentenmarkt shop is the only place where you can claim a jar of the authentic Tierenteyn mustard for yourself.


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