You can buy anything … even hope

Lottery ticket seller, Lê Binh, Vietnam

Lottery ticket seller, Lê Binh, Vietnam

© 2012 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

I was strolling around on the market of Lê Bin in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, when this lovely old man caught my attention. He was sitting behind a little wooden table, selling his lottery tickets. The lottery seems to be very popular in Vietnam, and several people stopped to buy one or more tickets.
In my eyes, these people were just buying hope to become rich.

When I asked this man permission to take his picture, he smiled in such a lovely way that his eyes disappeared completely. I waited until he was again occupied with his lottery tickets to make the photo I was looking for.


14 thoughts on “You can buy anything … even hope

  1. What a beautiful portrait…I love the detail of the skin on his hands and face. His hands remind me of how my grandfathers were….the skin felt both soft and rough when he held my hands….I didn’t really like it because I didn’t like to be reminded of his fragility and age but now I treasure the memory. You have also captured an enigmatic expression…you described that he is concentrating which I can see, my initial thought was ‘maybe he lost a winning ticket’ haha. Thank you for sharing your lovely work 🙂

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