Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane, Haunn, Eriskay

Sarah Jane, Haunn, Eriskay

© 2012 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

Eriskay is one of the small islands of the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles of Scotland. The name Eirisgeidh is derived from the Norse for Eric’s Isle. Many place names on the island and elsewhere on the Western Isles are derived from Norse.

Eriskay is the real Whisky Galore island. It was just off the coast of Eriskay that the SS Politician ran aground in 1941 with its famous cargo. This incident famously provided the island with a generous supply of free whisky.
The Politician Lounge Bar still has a few of the original bottles on display.

Haunn (Haun) is the name of a village in the north of the island, where the car ferry to South Uist used to berth. Haun simply means ‘haven’ and the name is also derived from Norse.

In 2001, the ferry has been replaced by a causeway but some smaller fishing boats continue, at least if the tides and weather are favourable, to use the shelving bay at Haun.

The causeway is a great place to see otters. Every now and then, they cross the road that cut their world into two.

Sarah Jane was one of the few boats in the harbor of Haunn.


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