Birds on the brain

Birds on the brain, Oostende, Belgium

Birds on the brain, Oostende, Belgium

© 2012 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!!!

This photo reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. Hitchcock got the idea for the movie when dying and disoriented seabirds rammed themselves into homes across California’s Monterey Bay in the summer of 1961. These avian incidents sparked Hitchcock’s interest, along with a story about spooky bird behavior by British writer Daphne du Maurier.

‘The Birds’ is a famous novelette by Daphne du Maurier. It is the story of Nat Hocken and his wife and children, as a massive number of birds begin attacking them. It is thought that the author had been inspired by watching a man ploughing his field, while some seagulls were wheeling and diving above him.

The long-standing mystery about the cause of the strange bird behavior across California’s Monterey Bay has been solved. According to ocean environmentalist Sibel Bargu of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, the birds were poisoned. The symptoms were extremely similar to later bird poisoning events in the same area.


12 thoughts on “Birds on the brain

    • Apparently, it was food poisoning.
      Bargu’s team has found toxin-making algae were present in a majority of the plankton that sea creatures ate. And the gulls ate these creatures. The leading toxin inside the plankton was a nerve-damaging acid, which causes confusion, seizures and death in birds.

  1. Reblogged this on Nae's Nest and commented:
    I am a huge fan of Hitchcock. Infact, I enjoy watching classic movies like these those day I am chemo sick. Movies like these, often inspire some of the more fantasty, fairytale or spooky stuff I sometimes write. I thought this pic and the musing This blog is a very entertaining and I know will enjoy. phillip vergeylen photography aat enjoy

    • Sorry to read about your health problems and the difficult period you are going through. Hope you get better very soon.
      You have to believe in the future and never give up, even when the chemo makes you feel miserable.
      I wish you all the best.

  2. I remember watching that movie, and it scared me. I had never heard of the birds in California though, which is interesting. I like the photo it really depicts the mood around the movie.

  3. Excellent picture, Philip, made for me by the nearly silhouetted and really quite threatening bird in the air, and by the dark (vignetted?) clouds at the top of the frame – very atmospheric! The two standing birds and their black perch also balance the one in flight very well – the composition is balanced.

    I hope your health continues to improve. Adrian

  4. I always wondered what the true story was, and always felt disappointed that it was never addressed in the movie AT ALL. As a writer, I understand that the true explanation is anti-climactic, but now at least I have the real story.

      • I’ve read a couple of Daphne du Maurier books, and would NEVER have figured on that movie being based on her story. You learn something new every day! Let me know if it’s any good. Thanks for a fun post.

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