Eyes Closed

Campo Santo I

Eyes Closed, Gent, Belgium

© 2012 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

‘Gesloten Ogen’ (‘Closed eyes’) is the name of one of the most moving bronze sculptures of Campo Santo.

Campo Santo is the name of a cemetery in Sint-Amandsberg, Gent in Belgium. It is named after the famous Campo Santo cemetery in Rome. It is also called the ‘Père Lachaise‘ of Gent.

Several well-known people have been buried on Campo Santo; writers, painters, poets … There are lots of impressive tombs, most of them of the cultural, financial and catholic elite of Gent. These people spend a fortune on the graves of their beloved ones.

The cemetery is situated on a small hill named Kapelleberg (chapel mount). On top of the hill stands the Sint-Amanduskapel (saint Amandus chapel), a late baroque chapel from 1720. The chapel is surrounded by some impressive old trees.

Today, 131 graves, as well as the chapel and the Kapelleberg are protected as cultural property.


7 thoughts on “Eyes Closed

  1. Thanks for the post Phil… maybe its me, but I have a hard time photographing at grave sites. I am not spooked at all… it just brings a sadness to me.

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