Le Gour Blue

Le Gour Blue, Jura, France

© 2011 – philip vergeylen – all rights reserved

I love to photograph waterfalls. You know, the ND filter stuff, with long exposures up to a few minutes.

One of my favourite places for this kind of photography are the French Jura Mountains; a sub-alpine mountain range located north of the western Alps. The range is predominantly located in France and Switzerland, extending into Germany.

Many of the beautiful Jura waterfalls can be found in a relatively small area. One of the best known falls are the Cascades du Hérisson. Hérisson (which translates as hedgehog) is the name of the river but the official translation for the falls is Herisson Falls.

The Hérisson river is fed by the waters of Lake Bonlieu and the Ilay Lakes. Over a distance of about 4 km, you can see 31 waterfalls and torrents. Hiking all the way up and then back takes about 3 hour … unless you are a photographer, for whom it is impossible to do the round trip in one day…

The above photo shows the ‘Gour Blue’, one of the most photogenic falls on the Hérisson. Other falls on the same river are l’Eventail (the Fan), le Saut de la Forge (the Forge Falls), le Saut Girard (the Girard Falls) and le Grand Saut (the Great Falls).

The Hérisson Falls have been classified as a protected landscape since April 2002.


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