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  1. Great images.
    For me, a lot of them look like greetings from a different galaxy – and I am loving it!
    Do you know Werner Herzog’s Lessons of Darkness? Some of your images remind me this film.

  2. Hey Philip, your photographs are so beautiful. I like that you do not alter your photos and keep them as original as possible. It adds to the honesty of the picture and to me defines a real artist/photographer; someone who has an eye and natural talent to capture as is beauty. It seems to me it is a new trend for many people to simply take photographs and photoshop it to a point where its original state is unrecognizable. I suppose I’d parallel the difference to natural beauty look vs. plastic surgery look. Anyz, I really like your work.:)

    • Sebastian, in a single malt whisky from Scotland, I love the smoke and peat, but most of all I love the taste of the sea you can find in the best whiskies from Islay. After having tasted a Laphroiag, Bowmore, Ardbeg or my favourite Lagavulin, there is no way back.
      Tonight, I’ll drink a Lagavulin 16 years, a toast on your beautiful photography. I hope you can join me with your favorite whisky (or whiskey). Slainte Maith !

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and “liking” my post about the blurry photo. When I look at your photos, I am humbled and delighted. I’ll be back.

  4. I love your site!! Wow!! Just gorgeous and I see quite a few I would like hanging on my walls. Especially the barn!! Love it! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site so I could discover this jewel of yours!

  5. Really like your pictures Philip! Especially the dark black and whites. And thanks for stopping by my site! Are you using the Silver Efex Pro also, or is the pictures straight from the camera?

  6. Hi!
    I saw you liked by recent post and thought I could stop by shortly at your blog – and was very, very positive surprised. I’ve never seen such beautiful b&w photography (especially the photos from Northern Brittany
    I like the “silence” in your recent shots; you can interpret so many things, so many stories in them. Your photos could as well stand alone – and everyone would understand.
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog – it made me discover your awesome one.

  7. Philip – first of all, thank you for liking my “Grass Sliver” etc post >>> seeing your photos here, I have a feeling you most liked the flowery meadow! You might also like People (11), and Somerset Levels (10) and Mendip Hills (3). I’m right into Silver Efex Pro too. I want to get the new update but have heard its got teething problems. Now, second, I rate your pictures very highly indeed and so I’m going to subscribe to your blog – if I can find the button! Tremendous photos. FATman

  8. Philip, I too admire your photos very much – but the main reason I’m writing is to thank for liking my ‘Abstract 12’ post – praise from someone with your photographic expertise does me a lot of good! FATman

  9. Superb images, Philip – in fact I like them so much I’ve added a link to this blog from mine…

  10. I am huge fan of yours. Great dramatic photos you got here. By the way, thanks for liking my post about modifying infrared photos.

  11. Philip,
    I have just paid my first visit to your world, following a link from Andy Lightfoot’s. I am looking forward to more in-depth looks. I particularly like your use of light in Risin og Kellingin, Siabost North Mill, and Lock Shiphoirt. I, too, have a special place in my heart for Iceland. Beautiful work!

  12. Hey Philip! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking a post. I invite to follow my blog and comment when you have the time. I look forward to taking a look around your blog! Enjoy the day! Robyn

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